CocoaMint - Peppermint bar with Cocoa Butter!

CocoaMint - Peppermint bar with Cocoa Butter!

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New recipe! This bar is loaded with Cocoa Butter - a superfood for the skin. Cocoa butter has innumerable benefits - it is deeply moisturizing, protects the skin, is full of antioxidants and gives the bat tons of creamy lather. We mixed this super butter with one of our favorite scents - peppermint! The result is a super cool, minty bar that's smooth and tingly on the skin. Perfect to get the day started!

Handmade - Vegan - Cruelty free - Comes in a recyclable package.


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Minty Coconut - coolest bar evah

Ingredients: Saponified Coconut, Palm & Soybean Oil; Dominican Cocoa Butter; Peppermint Essential Oil; Water, Sodium Hydroxide; Oxides. Every soap is wrapped in a recyclable sleeve.

Get the most out of your Esperanza Soaps:  Once you start using it,
keep it upright in a dry spot; don’t let it sit in water!

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This soap was not tested on animals. We know it looks yummy but please do not eat.
Avoid direct contact with eyes.

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