Exfoliant Lemongrass

Exfoliant Lemongrass

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Our very first gardener’s soap! This bar is great after a long day working in the garden! It’s full of oats, poppy seeds, sea salt, and sugar cane to give it the ultimate scrubbing and exfoliating power. Will clean your hands, arms and knees. Use after a workout or a game to give yourself the full cleaning experience.

Handmade - Vegan - Cruelty free - Comes in a recyclable package.

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Gardener's Soap

Ingredients: Olive, Coconut, Palm & Soybean Oil;
Poppy Seeds, Cane Sugar, Sea Salt, Cocoa Butter; Lemongrass Essential Oil; Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Oxides.

Every soap is wrapped in a recyclable sleeve.

Get the most out of your Esperanza Soaps:  Once you start using it,
keep it upright in a dry spot; don’t let it sit in water!

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Write to sales@esperanza-soaps.com

This soap was not tested on animals. We know it looks yummy but please do not eat.
Avoid direct contact with eyes.

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