The idea for our company came in April of 2014. We had been working with the community of Las Malvinas II for several years on different development projects, and steady employment was rising as the most pressing need for many families, especially for mothers and young women. Soapmaking came as a great option: its fairly easy to learn, scalable, and soap could be a boost to health in Las Malvinas II, which doesn’t have a sewer system. We made our first soap in the dark, getting eaten by mosquitoes, with the simplest ingredients. Needless to say - it wasn’t great soap, but it was the start of what we are today. 


Back in the US we studied and tested recipes for 5 months, until our soap started selling. We made soap inspired in New England and the island, and added specialty oils to give the soaps skin care properties. We then raised money through Indiegogo to start our operations in the Dominican Republic. 


In July of 2015, Esperanza Soaps started lifting a factory in Las Malvinas II and training women of the community to become soapmakers. The factory was up and running in December 2015, and started offering its products to the local market in March of 2016.


We offer handmade, natural soap produced both in the US and the Dominican Republic, using the best of local ingredients. For more information, visit our Catalog and Contact pages. 


Cocoa Butter. Coconut Oil.
Coffee Beans. Aloe Gel.
Only the best for your skin.
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