Esperanza Soaps
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Our Story

Esperanza Means Hope

Esperanza is an emerging social enterprise with the main purpose of creating jobs for low income families, especially women.  We create handmade, natural products that showcase the best of the Caribbean and the women that make them.

Our company, a for-profit business, goes the extra mile to provide meaningful employment to the women of Las Malvinas II. We provide training to each team member to become a soapmaker. We also placed our factory inside the community so they can be close to home and not have to commute. Our work hours accommodate their family responsibilities, and the women can earn shares in the company and become co-owners.

These jobs represent a true opportunity for women to invest in their families, especially in their kid’s health, nutrition and education. By empowering a woman, we hope to empower an entire family to life themselves out of poverty.

Esperanza Soaps is a project of Upward Ventures, a US-based organization dedicated to empowering families to rise from poverty through employment. Visit Upward Ventures' site here.